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January 6, 2012


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  • Mood: Sentimental
  • Listening to: Music from Sonic Generations
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  • Watching: Ranma½
  • Playing: Sonic Generations
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Dammit... Drinking lots of coffee and that means lots of visits in the bathroom. ... But that's not important. What's important... eh... more or less... well to me anyway... is that... I just got a new story idea for Amy Rose. *Amy haters* "Amy is STOOOPID!" Yeah sure sure... I like dumb characters... Not you though... > .> People seem to hate her, because she's girly. Well, she is 12 years old girl... though I was a boy wannabe at that age... somewhat... yet I eccepted I was a girl. Guess it's easier to be a tomboy than a girly man in these days... though it must have been even worse in the past... Hmm... Uh... Sonic! Yeah!

Sonic: O.o ... I hope you didn't remember me from that... earlier speach..

No no! I just got lost from the main subject X3

Shadow: He could be Amy's twin.

Sonic: *looks at SHadow with little annoyed smile* Funny.

Shadow: I'm a comedian.

Sonic: Yeah. A REAL clown. ^w^

SHadow: *glares at Sonic*

Sonic: *ignores him by just wistling*

AS I WAS SAYING!!! ... New storieee! YES! Another one... It does include moi too. ... The way I see Amy... In some cases girls start acting more feminine, if they have a crush on someone. I guess some girls don't. With some girls it shows very clearly, and with others... hardly. Anyway... She ends up in same kind of situation like me, so I take in my heart the duty to help her. ANd... there. That's it. Not very original, but I don't really care X33

ALso I have played Sonic Generations... actually only yesterday. Finally getting somewhat used to the controls. Got the five stars from two levels, with both acts, also the S ranks and moving on to the next level to give Knux his colors back. Bought the PC version. Playing with X-Box controller. Or joypad. Love at the beginning where Amy is trying to hug him, he just keeps her away by pushing her head with his hand. XD Or more likely... face. I find it interesting how Rouge is there too. I would think she would not really care about those things X33 Oh well... I am also continuing that script of that story, where Sonic is guarding this giant ruby and Rouge tries to steal it. I haven't seen Sonic and Rouge fighting or even communicating in the games much, but I would think that SOnic doesn't have that hard time keeping her away from the jewel as long as she plays fare. But to me, Rouge isn't the kind to play fare. She will give Sonic hard time protecting the jewel... 'specially after Amy appears. X33 So far... Sonic has stopped Rouge from entering that room, where the ruby is. WHy SOnic is having an actual job? He is broke at the moment, and he wants to buy Tails a book, that says it has lots of knowledge of electronics and such... but does there actually exist a book that knows what Tails doesn't? Hmh.... It IS the thought that counts, right? X3 Of course SOnic could just go collect some rings, but these people actually asked his help, and he thought that he would be killing two birds with one stone. There has been lots of other guards to guard the jewel, but one certain girl has been able to sneak into that room... and has got the jewel... or has somehow tricked the guards.

In that Shadow the Hedgehog comic, just after Amy laughed at Shadow for slipping on the alien slime, Shadow asked a question "... give it back..?"... Amy ACTED like a girly girl here. X3 To avoid answering the question... probably to avoid "misunderstandings"... X3

I just remembered the old storie, where I have finished the script to, where Amy and Sonic are racing. It is purely made for humorous purposes... I wanna read it... *goes to look for it* Found it!! ARGH! These all bring back memories!! Took a while to search it... These are all complete stories. They just need to be drawn and inked, and they are perfect! Okay... Maybe not perfect... Then there are those incomplete ones... WHere did I put that binder..? *goes to look for it... again* Found 'em X33 ... Waaiiii!! @ w @ I still have the very first Sonic comics... but back then I hardly knew anything about Tails' characteristics not mention Sonic... So they WAY out of characters in those. But the ones I think I knew Sonic more (of course my Sonic is usually more comical than the actual Sonic who is shown in the games) I drew lots of funny stuff about him. The older ones I think more as in practice -comics. Of course you practice whenever you draw, but those were when my Sonic looked WAY too weird... The "none" -ractice comics were... (the complete ones)

Here it all starts when Sonic is once again earning some money by painting a bridge. It has two stairs. The lower level leads from a cave to a cave and the upper part is just to get over the waterfall. Sonic is just painting the lower level, while Amy is walking on the upper level and there happens to be a paint can on the banister... Amy knocks it down and it falls straight on Sonic's head... Tails happens to arrive and is pretty excited about the emerald he found and shows it to Amy. Amy puts Tails in her place and runs away... and Tails gets the blame for dropping the paint can on Sonic. (Sonic is being pretty angry about it... guess he has had trouble with it through out the whole working days XD) So he puts Tails paint meanwhile Sonic goes to wash the paint off of himself. Amy comes back and is gleeful of Tails' situation... when Sonic is about to cross the bridge to buy jam for pancakes (guess he didn't just go wash off the paint XDD) and overhears Amy bragging about how she made it look like it was Tails' fault... X33 So... this time... Amy runs away from Sonic, who doesn't exactly have that hard time to catch her... and now she is the one who has to paint the bridge... the WHOLE bridge for... well... making Tails look like the one who dropped the paint on Sonic's head. Now it's Tails' turn to laugh at and make fun of Amy... Amy gets angry about this and hits Tails with the paint brush (Sonis is buying jam). Tails isn't pleased about this and... the Paint War begins. X33 This one is 32 pages long. X33

If you ask me... they're all pretty mean in this one XDDD But paint doesn't kill, when it gets splashed on someone... at least didn't when I last checked. XP This war even visits Station Square... ANd here Amy isn't as lovesick as she usually is. She's more focused on getting her paint revenge... This includes Sonic, Tails, Knuckels and Amy. X3 SHadow didn't exist quite yet, when I drew this X33

This starts with Amy having her little exploring in one of the pyramids (known from Sonic Adventure 2) and has found an insteresting history to it. An ancient queen that used to live there, had a secret to her being in fave of males: a perfume that made the opposite sex fall in love with the wearer. She thinks that if she had one, she might try it near Sonic and then suddenly steps on a trap that makes her slide down in a secret room. (funny how no one else has found it... or has they?) She finds a grave and a mummified body... and a perfume bottle next to it. She grabs it and then the mummy grabs her. SHe gets startled and the while trying to get herself free from the grasp of the mummy, the hand gets broken (the mummy's, not Amy's XP) and she falls backwards... making the perfume bottle break on her head and all that liquid... on her. Soon she learns that the pyramid was one of the secret hiding places of Eggman... and that the perfume works...

The perfume puts Amy in many difficult situations and in my opinion Tails is pretty funny in this comic XD It is 152 pages long... Not even near that long as the Shadow The Hedgehog -comic will be. I really can't wait to start drawing this one X333 I did this one BEFORE I was into ShadAmy, so... SHadow does appear here, but only for a little while.

It's actually SonSal comic (I think that Sally and Amy live in different Sonic worlds). It starts when Sonic and Sally are walking home in a forest, talking about a movie and "who is the murderer?". Sonic isn't looking where he is walking and stumbles upon a rock falling right into a mud pond... It's only 5 pages long X33 It IS for humorous purposes... but then again... lots of my works are, usually.

I hardly have seen those cartoons with Sally and co. so... Sally might be a bit off character here X33 And in this one they have pretty warm... friendship here. X33

This one starts, when Amy is doing her favourite thing: shopping. Tails appears and is excited about his knew machinery: time -airplain. He invites Amy to have a look and then try to travel with it... She goes to the future, where she actually has also aged. They are all about three years older. Amy meets with Tails and Sonic them still being the best friends, being startled... BOTH being first scared of her, when they see her at the first time. Amy asks them abut this and a horrible truth is being told to her... also a new "Mafia Boss" is also giving hard time to the three.

Guess i just had to make one with time traveling being involved X33 Of course this one has humor in it too, but it has some drama as well. It is 76 pages long... funny... when I think all those happenings that is going on there. How have I got put all that stuff in so little pages??? XD Thee is a new character in it... I guess two of those, but I have only used them in this comic X33

A comic that shows Sonic's normal day. It is all about movement. It shows Sonic running and fighting, only having sound effects written on it. Sonic only speaks in the last two panels. It is 6 pages long. X33

I remember making this one at art school. I was told to make a comic that shows fast movement, running, jumping and such.


This one starts with Sonic ordering a chilidog at one grill, when Amy appears to remind him of a promise he made a year ago. They agreed that Sonic would date her IF Amy left Sonic alone for the time being... and she did. Sonic doesn't go back with a promise so... he goes on a date with her. Though... a giant robot attacks the city and Sonic can't just ignore it... X3 12 pages long X33

This was close Valentines Day and it did involve the day too X33 I just wanted to make sweet comic out of Sonic and Amy X33

Then the one I already mentioned...
It starts where SOnic and Amy are sitting on a bench. Sonic is ignoring her by reading the newspaper, while she's talking about how her speed has improved through out these years. "... I even catch you easier than before" she says, and this gets Sonic's attention and he turns around asking, if it was a challenge. X3 Amy doesn't say a thing and then Sonic continues saying that she could never catch him, if he was dead serious about it. This leads to a race, where the only rule is: NO RULES. This one is 13 pages long.

XDDD In my opinion this one is quite hilarious. They both are quite (yet not) serious about winning. X33

So... there are 7 comics with a complete story X33 Incomplete ones... I bet those there are a lot more... SInce... new ones keep coming... *goes through the banister*

This one I think I won't complete anytime soon. It's a story where Sonci amd Mario gets into a fight XD The reasons for that are quite dumb. I got the idea for this from those self made videos with the sprites where Sonci and Mario fights each other. X33

Then there's another SOnic and Amy one. This one starts with Amy's dream where Sonic is holding her and saying that he loves her... and the suddenly his head starts to ring and AMy wakes up. XD She reads from a paper that Sonic has saved the dya once more, but has injured his legs. So she goes to see him in the hospital. Amy takes Sonic out (SOnic can't really escape with the injured legs) and they walk and walk while SOnic is telling Amy how did his legs get injured exactly, when he then relizes them going a bit too fast the downhill... he tells Amy to stop, but they are going already so fast Amy's feet can't even touch the ground. SOooo they are getting quite fast ride to down the hill... The wheelchair... (yes Sonic is on a wheelchair) hits a rock and Amy flies on Sonic who is on the wheelchair... and then they notice that they are about to hit a person. They start to shout. The guy understands to look out... and Sonic says that there should be a platform there where they are going... he clearly isn't thinking the fact he can't swim... even less with his legs broken... and this is where I have not continued. ... I really can't remember what I was planning here... but most likely I made Sonic quite helpless here and Amy is here to help him. (though she's the one who got them into a trouble XD)

MORE SONAMY 8DDD This one's idea was to have Sonic and Amy get stuck with each other by handcuffs. X3 Sonic gets to be blamed by a robbery (again) and gets arrested. He even goes to the court, but soon escapes from there. While running quite fast... he doesn't look where he is going... and he bumps into Amy... and realize something fun had happened... I have only made this 4 pages and Sonic has so far escaped the court. Really need to continue this one X33

Then there's this one where Sonic goes into a world where he has never existed. I actually made two versions of this. One with Sonic SatAM -based one with Sally and others in it and one with the original SOnic games -based one. The one where Sally is, is over 200 pages long. It has some horror type genre in it. While the other version I have only made few pages. Tails is in both of them X33 And it's funny how different he is in them... XD In both versions Eggman has taken over the world. X33

Then there's one that includes again the SOnic SatAM -characters. The world where Eggman never existed... X33 Sally is being a princess, who's face is allowed to be seen only by the ones who wants to marry her.

Here's one comic where Sonic is actually being interviewed. HE tells about his past and everything. I don't think I will continue this one X33 We know SOnic's past pretty good, now don't we? X33

The next one is quite long too. It starts where Amy is chasing Sonic and catches him with rollerskates and a lasso. XD But Sonic find a way to get rid of her X333 Later... Sonic is sleeping on a bench and sees a nightmare where Amy gets murdered... and then gets a strange phonecall, where the guy says that it will come true if Sonic doesn't find him till the time is 10.00 am. No any clues what so ever. SOnic wonders if the guy is actually telling the truth... but Sonic won't just wait to hear, if she gets killed... he runs to Tails' workshop and asks for Tails' help. Tails traces thelocation of the call and they go there. Lots of things happen... and all this to make Sonic a bad guy... Sonic being evil mean guy... > .>;;

There is also a joke version of the Sonic Adventure -story X33 There Sonic gets so depressed that he wants to all the time kill himself, but fails all the time, and this gets him even more depressed. X33 Amy also gets to see... ehem... Nevermind. XDDD

Then there's the one where Rouge fights Chrysta the Porcupine. This one is quite silly and isn't meant to harm anyone X33 Humorous purposes only!

Then there is Shadow the Hedgehog -comic, which we already know X33

Then there is the one where Sonic is being a guard of this ruby, which Rouge tries to steal. X33

Then the Temple one where Shadow, Amy and Sonic fall into... and find out that the Temple is quite... perverted. A w A

Then that Amy losing her memory -thing. I just have to use this classic XD

There's also the ones where my main character is the... well main character of the story. The one where she gets involved beauty contest... accidentally. She would not enter those with free will... X33

Then there's one that includes my friend's main character. How mine met his. I think he might be a bit off character here X33 But let's just then assume he has been drugged or something XP

Actually... these are all for humorous purposes only XDD Not meant to harm anyone X33 Oh boy... These... and all those other ideas that aren't actually involved with SOnic characters. There is also a written story called Sonic the Zombie or something. That's still incomplete... X33 ALmost forgot to mention that XD I really hope that I'm able to concentrate to some of these... X33

  -Sonic fan Carkki
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SXY-LMP Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
> v < i cant wait
for all theses great comics
you're so good at doing them c:
shado8xrouge Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
do u plan on posting another page to the shadow the hedgehog comic anytime soon?
0Carkki0 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not soon. I have too much to do.
shado8xrouge Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
i wish there was a way i could help u
ZeffraSphinx Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012
Awesome ideas =D Sounds like a lot of fun ^w^ Hope you can find time to work on the ones you feel like ^_^ Humorous comics are always awesome! =D Specially your humor X333

Oi - just a minor correction here, hope you don't mind me pointing it out ^^; "But to me, Rouge isn't the kind to play fare" "fare" is spelled "fair" in that situation X33 Just letting you know so you know next time ^//w//^;

Meow? ^w^
0Carkki0 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have bad habbit to publish things and find out the mistakes afterwards XD And when I do, I just think that lets see who will point them out first.. X33 ... almost wrote the word "afterwards" wrong. XPP But thank you for correcting still X33

Thank you X33 :hug: I love making funny stories. X33 Creating drama and ONLY drama isn't quite my thing ^^;
ZeffraSphinx Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012
I do that sometimes too :XD:

Np ^w^
jayssica Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012
...Where do you get all these ideas!? D: I can never come up with anything ._. Ah well, in other words what i'm trying to say is that I just love all of your ideas! :D I can't wait to see them all x3 Especially the temple one :3 You are not only such a talented artist but also very creative indeed! :D
0Carkki0 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you :tighthug: I got the Temple idea from the Not For The Perfume's pyramid -part. And... okay gotta admit that I was wondering how would they all act if they were in a ... eh... strange place like that. XD The basic question "What if..?" helps a lot X33
jayssica Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012
You are so welcome! :D Thank you so much for the tip! :) I'll keep that in mind :3 Sonic generations is a very good game! x3 Sadly, my Xbox 360 scratched the CD on the third time I was going to play it ._.
Me: Looks at Xbox >_>"
Xbox: :icontrollfaceplz:
Have you passed the game? x3
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